Characteristics of massager sex toys and how to use them? Massager sex toys and the orgasm?

What are the massager sex toys?

What are the massager sex toys?

There are lots of sex toys available in ‘’ and massager sex toys are some of those sex toys. Massager sex toys are very famous sex toys because they can be used for many purposes. There are some massager sex toys which specially design one particular body part massage and stimulation but some of the massager sex toys are provide whole body stimulation. Massager sex toys are comes in different types and with different features.

Some of the massager sex toys are comes with only one vibrating speed and some has many speeds of vibrations. Some of the massagers have comes with remote control and some of these are comes with the button so you can easily adjust the vibrating speed of the massager from both methods easily. Even you can easily choose one massager sex toys according to your comfort zone or level.

What types of massager sex toys are?

What types of massager sex toys are?

There are different types of massagers sex toys are available in the market and online stores for genital massage and stimulation. Such as-

Magic wand

Magic wand is a vibrator sex toys and a body massager so you can use it as the genital massager also. Magic wand is basically an electric wand and it has multiple vibrating speeds. It has very strong vibrations. People can use it in clitoris and vulva part. Or you can use it as penis massager. Basically people can use it externally not internally. It’s not a vibrator for women, men and women both can use it. Men use it as a male toys or female as female toys or vagina toys.

Clitoral massager

As it explains by its name clitoral toys and massager so that it’s only design for stimulates the clitoris part of women. You cannot use it for other massage or other areas because some of these are same as the shape of the clitoral some of these are clitoral sucker so that it sucks the clit area for enhance the stimulation.

Bullet vibrator

Bullet vibrator and masturbator toys are comes in small in size and the shape is looks like bullet. These are also having strong vibration. These are comes in different types, shapes and sizes. So people can buy it according to their preference and pleasure. Bullet vibrators are only for women massage and masturbation. You cannot massage for man by this bullet vibrator.

Nipple stimulator

Nipple toy and stimulators are comes in small size. Some of these are nipple tweezers and some these are the nipple clamps. You can use these for better stimulation and for enhance the pleasure.

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrator is a rotating sex toy. It is designed for external and internal use. It is a kind of dildo with attaché’s rabbit fins to stimulate the clitoris part at the same time of vaginal stimulation.

Butterfly vibrator

Butterfly vibrator sex toy is comes in shape of butterfly and it’s a vibrator for women. It is designed in the manner of attach with the clitoris area and stimulates with the vibrations. Butterfly vibrator sex toy are hands free so women can easily stimulates the clitoris without using the hands. It comes with a little remote control to adjust the vibration of butterfly vibrator. Butterfly vibrators and massager are comes in different types of attractive colours so women can choose their favourite colour vibrator.

Characteristics of massager sex toys?

Characteristics of massager sex toys?

Massager sex toys are very versatile in use. People also use the vibrator massager to massage any part of the body such as thighs, neck, shoulders etc. A vibrator massager sex toys is available in the market with battery operated or USB rechargeable. It depends on couple or men and women that which types of massager vibrator sex toys they prefer according to their own preference. Some of these are waterproof and some of these are non-water proof.

A vibrator massager sex toys add a spice into the sexual life. Any people can easily use the massage alone or with the partner. It is not necessary that people only use the vibrator massager sex toys during the sexual activity. Some of the penis massager sex toys are design in such a manner that people easily use it in their daily life to relaxing sore muscles and relieving tensions. Massager sex toys are available in the market with varieties of range. Some of the massager is very expensive whereas some are very cheap, so any people can easily purchase it. Along with the penis massager men and women can buy clitoris massager vibrator or vibrators for women.

How you can buy massager sex toys in India?

How you can buy massager sex toys in India?

Most of the people prefer the massager sex toy for massage penis, clitoris, vulva and the nipples and for massage whole body. With the help of vibrator massager sex toys, men and women can easily start massage from their upper genital areas other sensitive part such as nipple or stomach. Some people ask questions of sex toy that how to use massager. Use of Indian magic wand is very easy. You have to first choose one of the small and big one. First you have to check that your sex toy washable or non-washable. If it is non-washable then you can use tissue or wipes. Or if it is washable then you can use the sex toy cleaners or antiseptic liquid and warm water. After cleaning you have to learn and think how to use the massager for that you can read the manual.

After lubricate you have to do body massage and do massage on some erogenous parts like penis and clitoris. If you want extra stimulation then you can also start vibration on your upper body. Next you can start with slow vibrating speed. You can try this with some sex position, Such as-missionary style, doggy style sex position, side sex position. For adding fun in your massage or sexual activity you can use it with your partner. Women can do massage for man. Also couples can use other sex toys with the penis massagers like other anal toy, fleshlight, penis pumps etc.